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Edward L. Bouie, Sr. Traditional Theme School

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Bouie

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 MISSION OF EDWARD L. Bouie Theme School                                
The mission of Edward L. Bouie, Sr. Traditional Theme School is to provide educational opportunities that will enable all students to achieve their highest potential.

  • Learning is a process and all children have the potential to learn.
  • Effective learning is achieved in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment
  • All experiences provide the opportunity to learn.
  • Students have individual needs
  • Discipline, respect, and confidence build character in children
  • Parent involvement and community support are vital for continued improvement of student performance
  • Learning involves an academic, social, nurturing, and challenging environment.
What is a Traditional Theme School                                             
A Traditional Theme School is a school within a community that attracts elementary students from neighboring schools because of the unique features designed to meet the needs of students and parents.  The Traditional Theme School is designed to offer students a comprehensive, interdisciplinary educational program in a highly structured setting.  Students are active participants in a challenging program which includes home study projects and exposure to a world language. 
Unique Features of the Traditional Theme School                         
  1. Required parental involvement
  2. Emphasis on core subjects
  3. High academic standards and expectations
  4. Required uniforms/strict dress code
  5. Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving
  6. Automated Reading program
  7. Required summer reading and math activities
  8. Required daily homework
  9. Tutorial Programs
  10. Activity-based instruction
  11. "Agenda" Planners
  12. Interdisciplinary instruction