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Edward L. Bouie, Sr. Traditional Theme School

Dekalb County Schools


Staff Directory

for Edward L. Bouie, Sr. Elementary Traditional Theme School

FRONT OFFICE:  (678) 676-8202  Hours: 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM
ADMIN. ASSISTANT (678)676-8203  Mrs. Frieda Knight  [email protected]
PARENT LIAISION: (678)676-8206   Ms. Sherina Burnett  [email protected]
CLINIC (NURSE):   678-676-8207  Ms. Glenn
CAFETERIA MANAGER: Jarvis Smith  678-676-8228     [email protected]
MEDIA CENTER: Lisa P. Camp (678) 676-8220   [email protected]
AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM (Firebirds' Nest): (678) 676-8202 Hours: 3:30-5:30 PM :   
BOOKKEEPER:  Temiko Taylor Smith (678) 676-8205  [email protected]
COUNSELOR:  Mrs. Jackson (678) 676-8216    
COUNSELOR: Nancy Berger (678) 676-8217   [email protected]
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Dr. Ahkela Goodings (678)676-8202)  [email protected]
PRINCIPAL:  Michele Alford  678-676-8202 [email protected]
HOMEROOM TEACHERS/SPECIALISTS:  Please click the staff link for e-mail addresses. Telephone contact during the day is a disruption to instruction.  Please be mindful of this.  We appreciate your cooperation.